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The Kingdom of Silvermoon

A brief history of Silvermoon

Several centuries ago, seven citystates banded together against a common enemy. Each citystate chose a champion to represent their land, and together they were able to defeat the threat. Their victory was so great that it unified the peoples together, and The Kingdom of Silvermoon was founded.

Silvermoon prospered for many years, having kept evil at bay. But over time, the people started to bicker among themselves. Cultural and Geographical boundaries made it difficult for the citystates to get along, and soon, one by one, they broke from the union.

The most recent schism occurred 42 years ago, when the people in the North half of a much reduced Silvermoon declared themselves independent of the ruling capital. War erupted between sides, resulting in a victory for the lands to the north, who now called themselves New Tanesia. However, the victory was a bittersweet one, as there were many casualties on both sides, and both lands lost a lot of the power behind the security they had known for years.

Now, travel between cities is discouraged, as the lands between are inhabited by bandits, or worse, wild creatures that have started to creep back into the forests and marshes. However, there is still a ferry that travels between the Laer, Vandri, and Laervan rivers that provides safe, relatively quick travel between the towns and cities on the water – as well as a reliable route to visit the capital city, Silvermoor, and the marketplace at Fordsmeet.

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