Calendar and Holidays

The Calendar Year

The calendar year in Silvermoon consists of 12 semi-regular months with 30 or 31 days in each month, with the last month of the year containing only 28 days. They are loosely based on the cycle of the moons and stars.

The year classification, A.U., is based on the year the citystates banded together. Thus, the current year, 1632 A.U., is 1632 years “After the Unification” occured.

Additionally, years are grouped together in “quartets,” with each quartet containing four years, each one classified with a season. (Each year contains 4 seasons, and is assigned the name of a season as well). After each quartet, an extra day is added as a high holiday – The Day of the Seven. This holiday signifies the end and beginning of a quartet, and technically falls out of the Calendar year.

Months of the Calendar


Holidays and Holy Days

The Day of the Seven (no date)
Marzaire 1 – New Years Day – Spring Equinox / Start of Spring / Corellon’s Feast Day
Abraire 11 – Erathis’ Feast Day
Mayaire 6 – Bahumt’s Feast Day
Jund 1 – Summer Solstice / Start of Summer / Pelor’s Feast Day
Jule 20 – Ioun’s Feast Day
Ougaire 6 – Melor’s Feast Day
Ougaire 18 – Kord’s Feast Day
Septaire 1 – Autumn Equinox / Start of Autumn / Sehanine’s Feast Day
Octaire 14 – Avandra’s Feast Day
Dectaire 1 – Winter Solsitce / Start of Winter / Moradin’s Feast Day
Jane 1 – Raven Queen’s Feast Day / Old New Year’s day

Calendar and Holidays

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