Legend of the Silver Crescent

Is this the End of Kayla Darkstrider?

These strange lands have such strange results. What should have been a lush forest ended up being a barren wasteland. The glorious temple of Sehanine was old, dark, grey, and crumbling. And the power evil entity of Kayla Darkstrider fell easily under our crushing power. The Prince and good elves we freed here reminded us that not everything is as it seems, that Sehanine is the god of Trickery.

So is this the end of Kayla DarkstrideR? Did we defeat her once and for all? Or like Esienheim’s illusions was this just mere magic trickery? We talked as a group of where to go next, for there are more temples we seek and answers we wish to have answered. I plan on spending as much time in the libraries here before we voyage onward. I want to learn as much as I can about Azmodeus and his connection with Kayla and all of this destruction.

It was not too long ago when we got caught up in all of this. What if we ended up not helping Klimb and just going on with our lives, we would not have been under Kayla’s radar and simply moved on. I know its the right thing to do to help the innocent and vanquish evil, but at times I wonder is it all worth it? We are traveling across world or spiritual plans and meddling with gods. I fear that we could easily make some huge deadly mistakes. We have to make sure we do not upset the gods. So many questions I have, and it seems the answers are not here. Perhaps when we reach another temple there will be old sages and mystics that can help answer our questions.

Not Normal Elves

We have been working our way through this temple of Sehanine, and the filth known as the Drow have desecrated this once holy place. Room after room, vault after vault majestic paintings of her and her great works are covered up with tapestries. Her followers are long gone, and there are no clues to where they went.

We have found a few good elves around here and did our best to fight for them. Some strange and transformations these evil elves can do. At first they seemed like normal drow but in battle some of them can grow in size and power. Upon closer look during hand to hand combat or after their deaths, these drow don’t look just quite right, perhaps once good elves that were under some higher evil power?

We systematically cleared room after room and floor after floor of this temple finding many scrolls and libraries, if only I had the time to study here and learn from the gods. Ioun would be proud of use of her power to create the holy symbol of Sehanine in her temple to destroy these trespassers.

Our battles have been getting tougher and there have been many close class with some of us falling in battle. Luck has been on our side to keep up going no matter how bad it gets during battle.

We were able to obtain a few prisoners which Rukh feels will be a bargaining chip in the future, I would rather vanquish the evil instead of allowing some to live, what if these bargaining chips break out and reek havoc on the world again? I will be glad when this is over and we can return to the normal world without Kayla Darkstrider’s effect.

Strange Lands
Only Eisenheim Could Call This Place Home

I have taken some time during my watch this evening to catch up on old journal entries and record what we have been going through. I have decided to skip over a bunch of events in order to not relive the fall of Druger the Dwarf, Garvesk the Sorcerer, and the departure (abandonment?) of Delana the Cleric and her mangy mutt Rufu. To put it plainly, Delana left us to make peace with her people who are not that happy with the destruction that plagued their lands. Garvesk and Druger fell in battle against this giant sea creature, there were some tactical bad choices by myself and Eisenheim, and I blame myself for their deaths.

We met up in a tavern with a group of strange folk, there was a bar brawl and these two women were obviously kicking butt and taking names. Callie, a halfling with a penchant for stabbing things, and Sirroco, a Tiefling whom fancies herself as bone breaker. Watching this debacle was a mysterious blue man. We don’t speak much and I apologize for not remembering his name, as its already been days we’ve spent adventuring together. The three of them joined Eisenheim, Rukh, and myself and we made our way through the jungle ambushed by harpies, mistaken for the enemy by elves, and worked our way into a portal to the Fey Wild which is now a wasteland.

The Fey Wild is nothing like I have heard, I expected lands of wonderful lush green forests and happy creatures frolicking in the wood, all I saw was dust, deforestation, and a looming sense of death. We had a close call with Kayla Darkstrider’s people as we hid in a ditch and I helped these innocent people teaching them the Bloom ritual so that they could eat for months.

Dear Brother

Brother Dearest,

I have decided to try a practice that old Winter Ear taught me. You would like her, or rather, you would like poking at the stony exterior she enjoys showing everyone. I have decided to write you two copies of each letter I send you. One I keep, to give to you when I finally find you again, the other I burn, and pray for the spirits of the winds to carry its knowledge to you.

It has been a month since I have written to you last, you remember my mentioning of Cahlie? She and I are still travelling together. As much as I enjoy traveling with her and her cheery demeanor, she is a magnet for trouble. I told you about that run in with the goblin tribe on the second day of us meeting? I assure you, that was not the last bit of trouble she got us into. At current, she seems to have attached herself, and by extension me, to this group of adventurers called the Keepers of the Golden Star. They are a colorful lot, though their seems to be a bit of a dark cloud hanging over them, I understand they lost a couple of their number to some unfortunate … circumstances.

Rukh seems to be the leader of sorts, or at the least, the other two seem to defer to him. He is a warrior and I enjoy training myself against him. One can practice only so much when your sparing partner is half your height. He is also a match for my strength, he showed great character and honestly a little comedy on the night we met. I challenged him to an arm wrestle. I lost, but not by much, I made him work for every inch of ground.

Another is Al’Der’eth by name. I am still trying to figure him out, he seems a moody fellow, and honestly is a little on the quiet side. For a portly character though, he sure can move. He seems to be a battle priest of sorts, though a somewhat volatile one. His powers seem to damage himself almost as much as his foes.

The other member of the Keepers is a very colorful character by the name of Eisenheim. He is difficult to peg, and he occasionally seems at odds with Rukh, but his handiness in a fight is obvious. He is a magician, seems to specialize in illusions from what little I can tell. I laugh when I think about it, he is either the kind you would love, or completely hate brother, I am having difficult telling which.

Aside from myself and Calhie, the Keepers seemed to acquire another member at the same time as us. His name is Ahdia, and honestly, he is a complete mystery to me. He has the powers granted by the god Bahamut, as that of a cleric, but as to WHAT he is? I have no idea. He towers over even Rukh, who is a good head taller than myself, and has a blue skin, similar to the Djinns we hear about in tales, though he has white lines on his skin that do not seem to be tattoos. I don’t know, could he be a Djinn? I always thought they were only found in lamps and granted wishes. Is there a such thing as a free Djinn? Maybe I will ask him if I find a chance to do so.

And so, I am currently traveling as much as you, I am sure. I can’t seem to find you, and I have been to many of the major cities in the area. I suppose I will just have to listen for word of you and where you have been. I doubt I have been told all the details, but the Keepers seem to be looking for a tomb of an ancient power. I dare not say the name, for if the few tales I have been told about this being are real, and the winds carry these ashes past the wrong ear, well … I do not wish to dwell on that possibility.

As of this writing, I am currently sitting in the Feywild of all places! Can you imagine? Though it is a far cry from the stories I have heard about it. Something seems to be bleeding this realm of life. We are going to investigate some odd anomoly that the others seem to believe is the source of the change. I will have many stories to write in the future, I feel. I pray the winds will carry this one to you and that you will earn many coin from the spinning of it.

With love, Sirry

Delana's story - ? Novaire, 632 A.U. (Part 15)
Delana and companions fight fey creatures

- camped that night
- Delana woken to Gaervesk kicking her, something tripped magical alarm
- on Delana’s watch, Al’Der’eth comes riding on a white horse
- Al’Der’eth gives horse to Eisenheim
- wandering through forest, fight with stone and wood men
- Al’Der’eth carries Delana’s pack, Delana confused by this
- continuing through forest, fight with dryad, hawks and drakes
- Delana heals natural creatures

[to be continued]


We left Fordsmeet on a ferry bound for Cedar Hollow, a place near Delana’ homeland. Druger was nervous about being on a boat again, while everyone else seemed more than comfortable. I felt a little cramped, the quarters were small on this old fishing barge, and there was no place to get away from everyone else and be alone. Even during the night when other were sleeping I felt there was no privacy. I kept getting more and more cranky about it, but it passed.

This woman, Pernwil, I know her from somewhere, she’s part of my past But I can’t put a finger on it. She had me mesmerized as she danced and danced, and for the first time in many years my heart didn’t feel so burdened while we danced together…

Eisenhiem won at a game of cards with Druger, as usual the outcome was quite hilarious, but at Rats expense. At least it doesn’t get boring around here.

The second day I was in better spirits, no longer generally down in the dumps, I felt as if the gods themselves have chosen me to be their sword. The day was pretty uneventful and I slept well for a change.

On the third day the weather turned for the worst, and as we approached Cedar Hollow, we saw that there was just burnt remains.

Delana's story - ? to ? Novaire, 632 A.U. (Part 14)
Delana returns to Cedar Hollow, too late?

- took three day ferry trip from Fordsmeet to Cedar Hollow
- apologized to everyone
- danced with Eisenheim, was best dancer, got to choose sleeping arrangements before others
- second and third day quite boring, took time to master new rituals
- arrived at Cedar Hollow in afternoon, saw smoke from a distance
- upon arrival, village in flames
- leapt from ferry, ran into town
- fought hobgoblins, recognized one from Northbridge
- was knocked out, failed one death save, healed by Rukh
- stabilized 3 hobgoblins, healed townspeople
- Drugar beheaded one captured hobgoblin, the rest placed in basement
- took blame for attack on Cedar Hollow
- meeting with Keenan
- trial of Delana, Eisenheim acted as defense, gave surprisingly good speech
- found guilty, sentenced to finding and stopping threat to Cedar Hollow
- tried to talk with hobgoblins, little progress made
- left next day for temple of Sehanine, Al’Der’eth stayed in Cedar Hollow

The Talented Mr. Whipley

Mr. S. Whiplash, I am writing in regards to my outstanding loan. An aggressive action meted out against myself would have been understandable. The fact that you have caught my companions in your net of malevolence is unspeakable. I have sent fully half of my loan of 14,000 gold to this address. The other half will come soon. If I see hide or hair of you or any lackeys, I will not pay. And I will kill your lackeys and track you down. Don’t think I won’t.

Good Day. -Eisenhiem.

P.S. I will do it, I really will.

Curses You Ioun Curses

How can one bow down to your feet, for you are not a fair and just god. You are just as wicked at times as the Raven Queen! Years of faithful devotion got me what? This, nothing! The pain surges through my blood being pumped across every artery and vein in my body. The nightmares have become so intense I think they are reality. And all of this because of what? We will never understand the reason behind our punishments, nor how you smirked when you claimed them to not be a punishment but our duty to serve you better.

I long for her sweet embrace, to just hold her in my arms once again. To be able to feel her tears on my shoulder, the warmth of her cheek against mine. This is not the life we intended, I should be in a city somewhere making an honest living with a family beside me. Instead I am roaming the world both known and unknown at your whim doing your will.

These powers come with great constraint. I find it extremely difficult to control my emotions and desires. The stronger I get the worse they become. No matter how much ale, whores, food, fame, control I have over everything, it is not enough. At times I feel its necessary like this to separate myself from the others and sit here in my own misery like a young school boy who was denied candy. Crying endlessly over things I can not control.

The least you could do Ioun is give me a reason why I must suffer like this, why she must suffer like this, why you chose us, instead of others. I fear I am not strong enough to survive this ordeal, and what if the end is worse than the beginning. I’ve lost her once, I can not lose her again.

An overdue Letter


I apologize for the belated letter. Much has happened recently. To sum it all up, we found out Jolar was guilty of undermining Lord Stern’s rule, not to mention being a werewolf. The one we had found turned out to be his son, whom he had basically just sentenced to death. Ultimately, we proved what was going on to Lord Stern and it was resolved with Jolar’s incarcaration … did I mention I did not like the fellow much?

In the aftermath of that, Stern asked us to relay the events that had taken place to Jolar’s wife in the Feywood, one Lady Darkstrider, and bringing her back if possible. Again, long story short, we met her, explained all, and were promptly, and very politely I might add, held prisoner in the meeting hall we were at. I managed to find a way out through a long abandoned secret door and we climbed for what seemed like hours. Delana had it quite easy, as she had paid Eisenheim to create a porter to carry her and her wolf, the things that one will do for money. We finally got to the bottom and found ourselves in what appeared to be an abandoned cave route underneath The City. We managed to make our way through and get to what appeared to be a set of challenged … and here is the interesting part … for the Keepers of the Golden Star.

[Will be continued …]


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