Rukh Redmane

A noble half-orc, as yet somewhat unforthcoming with information about his origins. His powers mark him as a paladin, but of what god? He prefers to fight longspear or battleaxe and shield. He has fiery red hair and a somewhat square-jawed look which is n


Race: Half-Orc (using Orc from the back of the Monster Manual)
Class: Paladin

STR 18
CON 14
INT 11
WIS 14
CHA 14

- Holy Strike
- Valiant Strike

- Piercing Strike

- Paladin’s Judgment

- Diplomacy +7
- Endurance +3 (aafter armor penalty)
- Intimidate +7
- Religion +5

- Weapon Focus (axe)


Rukh arrived in town in the company of an eladrin hunter named Fallon. He was presented to the mayor about the time the other adventurers were speaking to him. So far, he hasn’t been terribly forthcoming about his origins, but he also hasn’t been asked…

He recognizes humans, elves, and eladrins, but his reaction to Gaervesk made it clear he’d never seen a dragonborn before. He’s also displayed a lack of familiarty with how things work…things like taverns, inns, games, tipping, and other customs of day-to-day life. No doubt more about him will become apparent as time goes on.

Rukh Redmane

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