Al'Der'eth the Pious

Invoker bent on restoring order in the name of Ioun


Name: Al’Der’eth the Pious Level: 7 Race: Human Class: Invoker Size: Medium Age: 48 Gender: Male Height: 5’10” Alignment: Unaligned Deity: Ioun Adventuring Company: Keepers of the Golden Star

Initiative: 8

Armor Class: 18 Fortitude: 18 Reflex: 18 Will: 20

Speed: 6

Passive Insight: 22 Passive Perception: 17

Strength: 8 Constitution: 15 Dexterity: 12 Intelligence: 14 Wisdom: 19 Charisma: 11

Maximum Hit Points: 49 Bloodied: 24 Surge Value: 12 Surges per Day: 8

Race Features: Bonus Feet, Bonus Skill, Bonus At-Will, Human Defenses Class Features: Channel Divinity, Divine Convent: Malediction, Ritual Casting Feats: Improved Initiative. Ritual Caster, Human Perseverance, Action Surge, Distant Advantage, Baleful Malediction

Languages: Common, Deep Speech

Acrobatics: 4 Arcana: *10 *Athletics: 2 Bluff: 3 Diplomacy: 3 Dungeoneering: 7 Endurance: 10 Heal: 7 History: 5 Insight: 12 Intimidate: 8 Nature: 7 Perception: 7 Religion: 10 Stealth: 4 Streetwise: 3 Thievery: 4

At Will Powers: Mantle of the Infidel, Vanguard’s Lightning, Visions of Blood Encounter Powers: Second Wind, Rebuke Undead, Maledictor’s Doom, Summons of Justice, Knives of the Soul Daily Powers: Summon Angel of Fire, Trumpet the Star’s Fall Utility Powers: Know Weakness, Prayer for Victory

Magic Items: Crimson Staff +2, Lullaby Staff +1, Luring Withdrawal Armor +!, Amulet of Health +1, Escape Tattoo

Other Equipment: Ritual Book, Adventurer’s Kit, Tapestry, Crimson Cloak, Healing Potion, 160gp reagents

Money: 1458 gold, 14 silver, 6 copper

Rituals: Hand of Fate, Tenser’s Floating Disc, Bloom, Water Walk


Al’Der’eth the Pious is an adult male human age thirty-five years. He has a light complexion, bald with red beard, ice blue eyes, and stands at five feet ten inches tall and weighs in at one hundred and eighty pounds. Trained in the arts of the Arcane, Al’Der’eth is an Invkoer on a personal quest for redemption and revenge. His role in an adventuring party is as controller. Al’Der’erth’s devotion to Ioun is his passion. As stated before, redemption and revenge is his MO.

As an educated man who spent many years studying in the libraries of temples, Al’Der’eth knows quite a bit about Arcana, History, Insight, and Religion. He can read and speak Supernal, the language of the angels and gods. His connection to the use of cold in his spells is unknown to Al’Der’eth, for he was an orphan left on the door step of a temple for the monks to raise into manhood. No pauper’s son, gypsy, or duke is Al’Der’eth but when he speaks, it is with command and presence of someone of high rank and power. If it was not for the devotion to Ioun, perhaps just another beggar would have been his fate.

Secret about Al’Der’eth that he does not know: He comes from a family of royalty, and was left as an orphan because he was born out of wedlock.

Secret about Al’Der’eth that he does know: He has been contacted by the angels and knows his destiny is to play a role in the war of good versus evil. He does not know the details, if he is the one, or one of the few to be the victor, but his role is large and important.

Al’Der’eth’s Strength: doing the right thing, helping others, and wanting the best for everyone instead of just himself

Al’Der’eth’s Weakness: Love and lust. He is in remorse over his lost love who is now a slave to Ioun in the form of his summoned angel. He has a weakness for alcohol and wenches…

Step 1: write five things about your character’s concept and background, five things that you think are the most essential parts of your character. You don’t have to stop at five, if you like…this is just a minimum.

1.) Al’Der’eth’s obsession with restoring law and order (by the gods not by man) often can be more important than helping joe citizen or even his own safety

2.) Al’Der’eth has little patience for those who want to do something he doesn’t WHEN what he does involves restoring law and order or finding religious artifacts.

3) Al’Der’eth feels that with all his studies that he is working on his way to prophet delivering the message of god to the people

4.) Al’Der’eth enjoy’s doing what he thinks is right, even when the rest of the party is against him.

5.) Al’Der’eth has a connection with the implement of thunder. This stems from spending most of his life in the stormy mountains.

Step 2: List two goals for the character that you, as a player, think would be cool to see accomplished in-game. During any session in which you take positive action to achieve that goal, I will award you an action point that can only be used in scenes furthering that goal. These Action Points are separate from the action points you gain by resting and reaching milestones. You can change goals later, though you lose all the accumulated Action Points for the goal you abandoned.

1.) Learn the truth about his history.

2.) Finds a way to free his love from her imprisonment as an angel and be able to be with her.

Step 3: List two secrets about your character. One is a secret the character knows, one is a secret that involves him but that he is not actually aware of yet. This will help me in creating plots that center around your character. I will also be creating a third secret which you as a player will not be aware of, so expect some surprises!

1.) Al’Der’eth is from royalty, he is an orphan but does not know of his real family

2.) Al’Der’eth knows that he was put up for adoption for his benefit not his parents. He was the target for the victim of a chaotic ritual but doesn’t understand why.

Step 4: Describe three people that are tied to the character though blood, romance or honor. Two of them are friendly to the character, one is hostile. All can do something useful for you, if you can get the situations to line up. If you like, you can include an enemy of yours here as well, so I have an instant NPC nemesis to throw at you.

1.) Mother: Raylynn the Wise. A senior priestess for Ioun in the high courts who has been following Al’Der’eth’s progress over the years.

2.) Mentor: Edrick the Gray: Al’Der’eth’s teacher from birth until adulthood

3.) Gal’rag’nok: the demon of corruption, who serves Tiamat

Step 5: Describe three memories that your character has. They don’t have to be elaborate, but they should provide some context and flavor.

1.) As an infant surviving an entire night in just a blanket during a blizzard at the doorsteps of the temple.

2.) Having a vision of talking to Ioun as a teenager and being told his purpose in life is very important but now what the purpose was.

3.) When Gal’rag’nok enticed Al’Der’eth’s love to do his evil.

Al'Der'eth the Pious

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