Druger el Gundar

Dwarven Ranger


3rd Level Dwarven Ranger. Two weapon fighter – battleaxe and throwing hammer. Bit of a loner since his tendency toward living things, as opposed to stone subtley pushed him away from his people.


Druger is a bit of an “odd duck” with regard to Dwarves: he likes growing things and prefers to be above ground rather than under it (although he has no problem with being underground at all). This led him to taking up the odd Dwarven profession of Ranger about 50 years ago. Druger is independent to the point of being a bit of a loner, although he will integrate himself into a group reasonably well. He doesn’t consider himself a leader. He does consider himself “open” to other races, etc. because he’s experienced the difficulty of “being different.”

Druger el Gundar

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