Elf Cleric of Pelor


Elf ClericDelana
Deity: Pelor
STR 10 CON 11 DEX 19 INT 8 WIS 19 CHA 13
A.C. 19 Fort. 12 Ref. 16 Will. 18
Feats: Ritual Caster, Warrior of the Wild, Implement Expertise (holy symbols), Power of Life [Domain]
At-will prayers: Astral Seal, Sacred Flame
Encounter prayers: Elven Accuracy, Exacting Utterance, Hymn of Resurgence
Daily prayers: Beacon of Hope, Consecrated Ground
Utility prayers: Shield of Faith
Trained skills: Religion, Diplomacy, Heal, Insight, Perception
Rituals: Gentle Repose, Animal Messenger, Raise Beast Companion, Purify Water, Brew Potion
Equipment: basic clothing, hide armor, mace, longbow, 150 arrows, ritual book, holy symbol, basic adventurer’s kit, climber’s kit, potion of healing, mystic salves (60 gp), rare herbs (100 gp)
Magic items: +1 vicious longbow, +1 flaming longbow, +1 symbol of life, catstep boots


Personality traits
A bit naïve from being raised in a temple, Delana is nonetheless devoted to her adopted family and friends she made growing up in and around the village she was left at. She is gentle and innocent, curious, but reserved and not fully developed in the worldly ways, sometimes inadvertently saying something hurtful to someone else, but she is quick to apologize for it if she realizes her slight. Her objective in life is to do good, and to show others doing good is the path to a life of peace and goodwill.

Delana has some trepidation about entering dark caves and dungeons, wary of the dangers lurking inside. She would proceed forward if only to assist her companions. If possible, she would prefer to negotiate with those that she can, and should she be forced to violent confrontation, she would prefer to render her foes unconscious than kill them.

Mannerisms & appearance
Small frame, 5’3”, 115 lbs., fair skin, long brown hair, bright blue eyes. Delana is young (as far as elves go), and innocent both in appearance and demeanor. She is demure, and a little shy, but very open with those she trusts. She is prone to gesticulation, but does so softly.

Character background
Delana has no recollection of her birth parents, having been sent downriver in a basket and picked up by a priest of Pelor. She was raised in clerical duties, becoming proficient in the healing arts. Not being a native to the area, Delana felt like an outsider, being a rare elf of her age in her local society. She stayed within the confines of the church/temple seeking to help those who arrived at her doors, only leaving to shop in town, performing errands and such, trying to leave a positive impression by putting forth a pleasant face.

Delana is getting older however, and more curious about the world outside, and she seeks to do good on her own, not to leave a mark of remembrance, so much as to teach others that acceptance, honesty, and kindness will lead to a life free of violence, selfishness and distrust.


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