Bronwyn Freehand

Bronwyn Freehand, proprietress of the Iron Tankard Inn

Bronwyn is a large-hipped woman who is the town busybody as well as being the proprietress of the inn, which she runs effectively if not entirely efficiently – being the only game in town, so to speak, it pays for itself. She’s built like a tank, but her eyes are as sharp as a hawk’s, and her ears miss nothing. Surely, she’d be happy to provide information about nearly anyone in Northbridge… for the right price, of course.

She keeps a close eye on all about the area, and has a weather eye out for a likely match for her daughter, while trying to keep unwelcome hands off of her two barmaids (tall, blonde, buxom but brainless Lassie, and petite, flirty, dark-haired Laurel).


Bronwyn Freehand

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