Legend of the Silver Crescent

An overdue Letter


I apologize for the belated letter. Much has happened recently. To sum it all up, we found out Jolar was guilty of undermining Lord Stern’s rule, not to mention being a werewolf. The one we had found turned out to be his son, whom he had basically just sentenced to death. Ultimately, we proved what was going on to Lord Stern and it was resolved with Jolar’s incarcaration … did I mention I did not like the fellow much?

In the aftermath of that, Stern asked us to relay the events that had taken place to Jolar’s wife in the Feywood, one Lady Darkstrider, and bringing her back if possible. Again, long story short, we met her, explained all, and were promptly, and very politely I might add, held prisoner in the meeting hall we were at. I managed to find a way out through a long abandoned secret door and we climbed for what seemed like hours. Delana had it quite easy, as she had paid Eisenheim to create a porter to carry her and her wolf, the things that one will do for money. We finally got to the bottom and found ourselves in what appeared to be an abandoned cave route underneath The City. We managed to make our way through and get to what appeared to be a set of challenged … and here is the interesting part … for the Keepers of the Golden Star.

[Will be continued …]


rourkie fashionablegeek

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