Legend of the Silver Crescent


We left Fordsmeet on a ferry bound for Cedar Hollow, a place near Delana’ homeland. Druger was nervous about being on a boat again, while everyone else seemed more than comfortable. I felt a little cramped, the quarters were small on this old fishing barge, and there was no place to get away from everyone else and be alone. Even during the night when other were sleeping I felt there was no privacy. I kept getting more and more cranky about it, but it passed.

This woman, Pernwil, I know her from somewhere, she’s part of my past But I can’t put a finger on it. She had me mesmerized as she danced and danced, and for the first time in many years my heart didn’t feel so burdened while we danced together…

Eisenhiem won at a game of cards with Druger, as usual the outcome was quite hilarious, but at Rats expense. At least it doesn’t get boring around here.

The second day I was in better spirits, no longer generally down in the dumps, I felt as if the gods themselves have chosen me to be their sword. The day was pretty uneventful and I slept well for a change.

On the third day the weather turned for the worst, and as we approached Cedar Hollow, we saw that there was just burnt remains.


Cedar Hollow? You mean CINDER Hollow! WAAAHAHAHAHAHA


Delana is sad… =*(

rourkie danpugatch

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