Legend of the Silver Crescent

Strange Lands

Only Eisenheim Could Call This Place Home

I have taken some time during my watch this evening to catch up on old journal entries and record what we have been going through. I have decided to skip over a bunch of events in order to not relive the fall of Druger the Dwarf, Garvesk the Sorcerer, and the departure (abandonment?) of Delana the Cleric and her mangy mutt Rufu. To put it plainly, Delana left us to make peace with her people who are not that happy with the destruction that plagued their lands. Garvesk and Druger fell in battle against this giant sea creature, there were some tactical bad choices by myself and Eisenheim, and I blame myself for their deaths.

We met up in a tavern with a group of strange folk, there was a bar brawl and these two women were obviously kicking butt and taking names. Callie, a halfling with a penchant for stabbing things, and Sirroco, a Tiefling whom fancies herself as bone breaker. Watching this debacle was a mysterious blue man. We don’t speak much and I apologize for not remembering his name, as its already been days we’ve spent adventuring together. The three of them joined Eisenheim, Rukh, and myself and we made our way through the jungle ambushed by harpies, mistaken for the enemy by elves, and worked our way into a portal to the Fey Wild which is now a wasteland.

The Fey Wild is nothing like I have heard, I expected lands of wonderful lush green forests and happy creatures frolicking in the wood, all I saw was dust, deforestation, and a looming sense of death. We had a close call with Kayla Darkstrider’s people as we hid in a ditch and I helped these innocent people teaching them the Bloom ritual so that they could eat for months.


Couple of things Dan, Sirocco is not a dragonborn, she is a tiefling, also we have not freed a dragon trapped in ice, you are thinking of the one shot that Andy ran for us from game day.

Strange Lands

Gotcha, see what happens when I wait over a week to write an update? I will edit. Thanks!

Strange Lands
rourkie Pugatch

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