Legend of the Silver Crescent

Not Normal Elves

We have been working our way through this temple of Sehanine, and the filth known as the Drow have desecrated this once holy place. Room after room, vault after vault majestic paintings of her and her great works are covered up with tapestries. Her followers are long gone, and there are no clues to where they went.

We have found a few good elves around here and did our best to fight for them. Some strange and transformations these evil elves can do. At first they seemed like normal drow but in battle some of them can grow in size and power. Upon closer look during hand to hand combat or after their deaths, these drow don’t look just quite right, perhaps once good elves that were under some higher evil power?

We systematically cleared room after room and floor after floor of this temple finding many scrolls and libraries, if only I had the time to study here and learn from the gods. Ioun would be proud of use of her power to create the holy symbol of Sehanine in her temple to destroy these trespassers.

Our battles have been getting tougher and there have been many close class with some of us falling in battle. Luck has been on our side to keep up going no matter how bad it gets during battle.

We were able to obtain a few prisoners which Rukh feels will be a bargaining chip in the future, I would rather vanquish the evil instead of allowing some to live, what if these bargaining chips break out and reek havoc on the world again? I will be glad when this is over and we can return to the normal world without Kayla Darkstrider’s effect.


rourkie Pugatch

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