Legend of the Silver Crescent

Is this the End of Kayla Darkstrider?

These strange lands have such strange results. What should have been a lush forest ended up being a barren wasteland. The glorious temple of Sehanine was old, dark, grey, and crumbling. And the power evil entity of Kayla Darkstrider fell easily under our crushing power. The Prince and good elves we freed here reminded us that not everything is as it seems, that Sehanine is the god of Trickery.

So is this the end of Kayla DarkstrideR? Did we defeat her once and for all? Or like Esienheim’s illusions was this just mere magic trickery? We talked as a group of where to go next, for there are more temples we seek and answers we wish to have answered. I plan on spending as much time in the libraries here before we voyage onward. I want to learn as much as I can about Azmodeus and his connection with Kayla and all of this destruction.

It was not too long ago when we got caught up in all of this. What if we ended up not helping Klimb and just going on with our lives, we would not have been under Kayla’s radar and simply moved on. I know its the right thing to do to help the innocent and vanquish evil, but at times I wonder is it all worth it? We are traveling across world or spiritual plans and meddling with gods. I fear that we could easily make some huge deadly mistakes. We have to make sure we do not upset the gods. So many questions I have, and it seems the answers are not here. Perhaps when we reach another temple there will be old sages and mystics that can help answer our questions.


rourkie Pugatch

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