Legend of the Silver Crescent

Delana's story - ? to ? Novaire, 632 A.U. (Part 14)

Delana returns to Cedar Hollow, too late?

- took three day ferry trip from Fordsmeet to Cedar Hollow
- apologized to everyone
- danced with Eisenheim, was best dancer, got to choose sleeping arrangements before others
- second and third day quite boring, took time to master new rituals
- arrived at Cedar Hollow in afternoon, saw smoke from a distance
- upon arrival, village in flames
- leapt from ferry, ran into town
- fought hobgoblins, recognized one from Northbridge
- was knocked out, failed one death save, healed by Rukh
- stabilized 3 hobgoblins, healed townspeople
- Drugar beheaded one captured hobgoblin, the rest placed in basement
- took blame for attack on Cedar Hollow
- meeting with Keenan
- trial of Delana, Eisenheim acted as defense, gave surprisingly good speech
- found guilty, sentenced to finding and stopping threat to Cedar Hollow
- tried to talk with hobgoblins, little progress made
- left next day for temple of Sehanine, Al’Der’eth stayed in Cedar Hollow


rourkie Alita_99

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