Legend of the Silver Crescent

Dear Brother

Brother Dearest,

I have decided to try a practice that old Winter Ear taught me. You would like her, or rather, you would like poking at the stony exterior she enjoys showing everyone. I have decided to write you two copies of each letter I send you. One I keep, to give to you when I finally find you again, the other I burn, and pray for the spirits of the winds to carry its knowledge to you.

It has been a month since I have written to you last, you remember my mentioning of Cahlie? She and I are still travelling together. As much as I enjoy traveling with her and her cheery demeanor, she is a magnet for trouble. I told you about that run in with the goblin tribe on the second day of us meeting? I assure you, that was not the last bit of trouble she got us into. At current, she seems to have attached herself, and by extension me, to this group of adventurers called the Keepers of the Golden Star. They are a colorful lot, though their seems to be a bit of a dark cloud hanging over them, I understand they lost a couple of their number to some unfortunate … circumstances.

Rukh seems to be the leader of sorts, or at the least, the other two seem to defer to him. He is a warrior and I enjoy training myself against him. One can practice only so much when your sparing partner is half your height. He is also a match for my strength, he showed great character and honestly a little comedy on the night we met. I challenged him to an arm wrestle. I lost, but not by much, I made him work for every inch of ground.

Another is Al’Der’eth by name. I am still trying to figure him out, he seems a moody fellow, and honestly is a little on the quiet side. For a portly character though, he sure can move. He seems to be a battle priest of sorts, though a somewhat volatile one. His powers seem to damage himself almost as much as his foes.

The other member of the Keepers is a very colorful character by the name of Eisenheim. He is difficult to peg, and he occasionally seems at odds with Rukh, but his handiness in a fight is obvious. He is a magician, seems to specialize in illusions from what little I can tell. I laugh when I think about it, he is either the kind you would love, or completely hate brother, I am having difficult telling which.

Aside from myself and Calhie, the Keepers seemed to acquire another member at the same time as us. His name is Ahdia, and honestly, he is a complete mystery to me. He has the powers granted by the god Bahamut, as that of a cleric, but as to WHAT he is? I have no idea. He towers over even Rukh, who is a good head taller than myself, and has a blue skin, similar to the Djinns we hear about in tales, though he has white lines on his skin that do not seem to be tattoos. I don’t know, could he be a Djinn? I always thought they were only found in lamps and granted wishes. Is there a such thing as a free Djinn? Maybe I will ask him if I find a chance to do so.

And so, I am currently traveling as much as you, I am sure. I can’t seem to find you, and I have been to many of the major cities in the area. I suppose I will just have to listen for word of you and where you have been. I doubt I have been told all the details, but the Keepers seem to be looking for a tomb of an ancient power. I dare not say the name, for if the few tales I have been told about this being are real, and the winds carry these ashes past the wrong ear, well … I do not wish to dwell on that possibility.

As of this writing, I am currently sitting in the Feywild of all places! Can you imagine? Though it is a far cry from the stories I have heard about it. Something seems to be bleeding this realm of life. We are going to investigate some odd anomoly that the others seem to believe is the source of the change. I will have many stories to write in the future, I feel. I pray the winds will carry this one to you and that you will earn many coin from the spinning of it.

With love, Sirry


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