Legend of the Silver Crescent

Curses You Ioun Curses

How can one bow down to your feet, for you are not a fair and just god. You are just as wicked at times as the Raven Queen! Years of faithful devotion got me what? This, nothing! The pain surges through my blood being pumped across every artery and vein in my body. The nightmares have become so intense I think they are reality. And all of this because of what? We will never understand the reason behind our punishments, nor how you smirked when you claimed them to not be a punishment but our duty to serve you better.

I long for her sweet embrace, to just hold her in my arms once again. To be able to feel her tears on my shoulder, the warmth of her cheek against mine. This is not the life we intended, I should be in a city somewhere making an honest living with a family beside me. Instead I am roaming the world both known and unknown at your whim doing your will.

These powers come with great constraint. I find it extremely difficult to control my emotions and desires. The stronger I get the worse they become. No matter how much ale, whores, food, fame, control I have over everything, it is not enough. At times I feel its necessary like this to separate myself from the others and sit here in my own misery like a young school boy who was denied candy. Crying endlessly over things I can not control.

The least you could do Ioun is give me a reason why I must suffer like this, why she must suffer like this, why you chose us, instead of others. I fear I am not strong enough to survive this ordeal, and what if the end is worse than the beginning. I’ve lost her once, I can not lose her again.


rourkie danpugatch

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